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Technology- Solar Photovoltaic’s

Solar photovoltaic’s (SPV) are in the process of converting solar radiation (sunlight) into electricity using a device called solar cell.

SPV Technology

Crystalline solar cells
Thin-film solar cells

1. Crystalline solar cells

The most prevalentfor solar cells isalso known as "solar grade silicon". Bulk silicon is separated into multiple categories according to crystallinity and crystal size in the resultingor

Monocrystalline silicon (c-Si): : Made using theprocess. Single-crystal wafer cells tend to be expensive, and because they are cut from cylindrical ingots, do not completely cover a square solar cell module without a substantial waste of refined silicon. Hence mosthave uncovered gaps at the four corners of the cells.

Poly- or multicrystalline silicon (poly-Si or mc-Si): Made from cast square ingots — large blocks of molten silicon carefully cooled and solidified. Poly-Si cells are less expensive to produce than single crystal silicon cells, but are less efficient.

2. Thin film

The variouscurrently being developed reduce the amount (or mass) ofabsorbing material required in creating acell. This can lead to reduced processing costs from that of bulk materials (in the case of silicon thin films) but also tends to reduce conversion efficiency (average 7 to 10% efficiency), although manyfilms have efficiencies above those of bulkwafers.

They have become popular compared to wafer silicon due to lower costs and advantages including flexibility, lighter weights, and ease of integration.

Solar PV Process

Solar Photovoltaic is the process of converting sunlight into electricity with the help of device known as Solar Cell

  • The solar cells when exposed to sunlight generate electricity.

  • The efficiency of a solar cell is considered to be maximum at 25C.

  • The DC produced by solar cell is converted into AC with the Power Conditioning Unit.

Solar PV Technology Types
  • Crystalline Solar PV Technology

     - Mono-crystalline Solar PV Technology
     - Polycrystalline Solar PV Technology

  • Thin Film Solar PV Technology (Amorphous silicon, CdTe , ClGS etc)

  • Concentrating Solar PV Technology

  • Organic Solar Cells

Comparison between solar PV technologies

Technology type

Conversion efficiency (%)


17 – 23


15 – 18

Amorphous silicon






Organic Solar

3 – 5

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