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Solar Power Packs & EPC Contractor

Solar power pack system consists of solar PV modules, solar hybrid inverters and long life batteries. The complete system is ready to use any time anywhere. Solar power pack is used to generate electricity from sun usually for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive. These solar power pack systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity.

We offer a wide range of Off grid / On grid / Grid tied Power Packs from small to large capacity to suit to demands of various customers including Roof Top Power pack solutions.

OFF Grid refers to a power system that generates electricity from solar array and stores this electricity in batteries. The stored energy is fed to utility using inverters.

ON grid / Gridtied refers to a power systems which are connected to power grid. The electricity generated by solar array is fed to utilities using grid tied inverters. If the electricity generated by solar array is more than requirement of utility then it will be fed to grid. If the demand of utility is more than electricity generated by solar array, the balance requirement of power will be drawn from grid.

Grid Tie with battery backup refers to a power system that has advantages of both off grid and grid tied system. When grid power is available it serves as a normal grid tied system and charges the battery also. In the event of grid power failure the utilities are fed power from battery. Once the grid power is restored, it behaves as normal grid tied system and will charge batteries again.

Features :

  • Reliable and cost effective.

  • Provided with high performance solar PV module.

  • Provision for Battery Bank with flooded high performance tubular batteries.

  • Dual charging facilities (solar and AC mains charging).

  • Overload protection to ensure longer inverter life.

  • Modular Design enables easy system expansion in future.

  • 100% stands alone power systems are also available.

  • Available in wide range of specification as per customer requirements.

  • System and/or parts approved By MNRE.

Benefits :

  • Clean, Green & Silent source of Power.

  • Easy to install and requires negligible maintenance.

  • Absolutely pollution free.

  • No fuel required.

  • No recurring fuel cost.

  • Savings on electricity bills.

We also provide EPC services for Rooftop and MW scale power projects.

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