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Solar Blood & Vaccine carriers/ cold chain systems

Solar powered refrigerators, freezers or cold boxes are specifically designed for high efficiency and low energy consumption to allow refrigeration to operate on the smallest possible energy input from a solar energy system.

The system of transporting, distributing and storing vaccines from the manufacturers right up to the point of use under refrigeration using any convenient method is referred to as cold chain. Cold chain plays a Vital link in immunisation and if not maintained, vaccine efficacy will grossly suffer and t
he damage caused to vaccine is irreversible.


  • High precision temperature control for highly specialized applications .

  • Special proprietary insulation technology maintains temprature even in case of frequet opening & closing.

  • Uniform tempature through out the box.

  • Special inbuilt temprature monitor and data logger for upto 60 days log keeping.

  • Solar powered with provision for connecting to wall power AC sockets & vehicles DC power sockets.

  • Inbuilt stabilizer and inverter.

  • Indicator with Alarm for temprature and battery status.

  • Environment friendly and CFC free.

  • Reliable, easy to use and maintain.

  • Available in different sizes and customised to different temperature needs.

Suggested applications:

  • Ambulances.

  • Remote hospitals in villages.

  • Vaccine Transportation.

  • Blood transportation in ambulances for blood transfusion on the spot in case of accidents.

  • Missionaries and remote medical clinics

  • Emergency responders operating in power outage areas

  • Emergency back up and disaster preparedness

  • Remote villages in areas of the world without grid electricity

  • Transportation and Storage of blood samples and various other applications including research and relief missions

  • And many more...

Need For Vaccine Storage and Handling?

  • Vaccines prevent serious, sometimes fatal diseases. Vaccines are biological substances that may lose their effectiveness quickly if they become too hot or too cold, especially during transport and storage.

  • All vaccines hence require an optimum temperature range to be maintained, failing which may result in failure of the vaccine and result in wastage.

  • Improper Storage & Handling=reduced vaccine effectiveness= inadequate protection against disease.

  • It is better to NOT VACCINATE than to administer a dose of vaccine that has been mishandled.

  • Vaccine Losses Are Costly.

  • The cold chain system is necessary because vaccine failure may occur due to failure to store and transport under strict temperature controls.

The cold chain system can enhance the on-going :

Quality, Safety, and Efficacy

of an immunization program. 

  • The cold chain systems can help overcome the challenge of delivery of safe injection practices and quality vaccines .

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