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Bullet Proof (Armored) car is no longer the preserve of Politicians, Bureaucrats and VIPs but a counteractive defense against assassination and terrorism threats in a high risk environment.

  • All opaque material surrounding passenger area is replaced with hardened ballistic steel

  • Roof (at an angle) & floor (anti-mine protection including DM51 grenade/fragmentation)

  • Protection against high-power rifles such as 7.62x39, 5.56x45, 7.62x51 and M80 ball

  • All original glass removed and replaced with NIJ tested multi-layered ballistic glass

  • Additional areas of armoring are the fuel tank, battery and computer module

  • P.A./multi-siren system and LED strobe lights, per client's specifications

  • Reinforced door hinges to support additional weight of the armor

  • A complete set of five (5) high-grade tire Inserts installed

  • Additional protection for the floor and the radiator

  • Vision enhancement systems (camera/monitor)

  • All door and window openings are overlapped

  • Driver and passenger side power windows

  • Customization per client's specifications

  • Customized tailpipe protection

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