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Bullet Proof Jackets

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Bullet Proof Vest

Our bulletproof vests are soft in feeling, comfortable in wearing, convenient in movement, lightweight, and provide adequate protection against NIJ IIIA threat level with anti knife/stab protection & reduced trauma.

  • The Executive Style bullet proof vest offers the largest armor coverage

  • Lightest vest in reference to the amount of Armor coverage you receive

  • Provides protection against NIJ Level IIIA threats

  • Concealable body armor that fits under a suit coat

  • Satisfies the requirements of N.I.J. Standard-0101.06

  • Sizes: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL

Bullet Proof Jacket (Level III and III+)

Our Bullet Proof Jackets Are Designed For Police, Paramilitary And Defense Personnel. The Soft Armor Panels Of Our Light Weight Jackets Are Manufactured Using Ballistic Grade Aramid And Polyethylene Fibers And Can Be Customizedas per customer requirement.


  •  Full Protection: front, back, sides, shoulder, neck, groin.

  •  Material available: PE or Aramid Kevlar

  •  Lightweight Bullet Proof Plates (NIJ Level III ) available for fitting above Bullet Proof Vests.

  •   PE / Alumina Bulletproof Ceramic Composite Plate (NIJ Level III+)

  •   PE / Silicon Carbide Bulletproof Ceramic Composite Plate (NIJ Level III+)

  •  Sizes available: S / M / L / XL / XXL / XXXL 

Bullet Proof Jacket Level IV

Ideal for tactical operations, Tactical Military Over-vests are manufactured using Polyethylene/ Aramid or hybrid materials. External fabric is optimized for camouflage. Designed for easy mobility while providing optimum protection and maximum comfort over prolonged usage, they are capable of offering protection of up to NIJ Level IV 

Enhanced protection against ammunition like AK-47, 7.62 NATO, 5.56 mm, 30.06 M2AP etc. can also be achieved ICW Armour Plates available in Silicon Carbide or Boron Carbide.


  • Side opening system

  • Fixed or removable shoulders, neck, collar and groin protection

  • Front and back hard armor plate pockets

  • Adjustable shoulder, sides and connect with Nylon velcro

  • Protect front chest and back with NIJ level IV protection with the hard armor plates

  • Cordura® or similar outer carry fabric with water resistant coating

  • Polyester mesh or lightweight Nylon liner with coolmax function

  • Washable outer carry, removable ballistic panels

  • S, M, L, XL & XXL size available

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